Since human settlement of  New Zealand, at least 51 bird species have become extinct, and many others have become either locally extinct or endangered.  Of the 51 extinctions, 21 species survived till the arrival of Europeans before they too became extinct. While the exact cause of  a bird species decline to extinction is often debated, a number of contributing factors including loss of habitat, habitat fragmentation, competition, predation and avian diseases brought in with European introduced birds are likely to have played a part in their demise.

During the period 1992 to 2013 there have been 53 species recorded in the Styx Mill Conservation Reserve. Of these 34 are resident species, 10 seasonal visitors and 9 have been vagrants..

The tables below provide a list of some of the bird species that can be found in the Styx catchment.  Further information about the status and habitat requirements of wetland birds and bush birds can be found on other pages.

Wetland Birds


European Name Maori Name Scientific Name
Australiasian Coot   Fulica atra australis
Australiasian Bittern    
Australiasian Crested Grebe    
Black Billed Gull Tarapunga Larus bulleri
Black Cormorant Kawau Phalacrocorax carbo
Black Swan    
Grey Duck Parera Anas superciliosa
Grey Teal Tete Anas gracilis
Little Black Cormorant    
Little Cormorant Kawaupaka Phalacrocorax melanoleucos
Marsh Crake    
New Zealand Kingfisher Kotare Halcyon sancta
New Zealand Scaup Papango Aythya novaseelandiae
New Zealand Shoveler Kuruwhengi Anas rhynchotis
Paradise Shelduck Putangitangi Tadorna variegata
Pied Stilt Poaka Himantopus himanoptous
Spur-winged Plover   Vanelles miles
Swamp Hen Pukeko (Pakura) Porphyrio melantotus
White Heron Kotuku Egretta alba
White Faced Heron   Ardea novaehollandiae 


Native Bush Birds


European Name Maori Name Scientific Name
Bell Bird Korimako / Makomako Anthornis melanura
Fan Tail Piwakawaka Rhipidura fuliginosa 
Grey Warbler  Riroriro Gerygone igata 
New Zealand Pigeon Kereru Hemipaga novaeseelandiae
Shining Cuckoo Pipiwharauroa Chrysococcyx lucidus
Silver Eye  Tauhou Zosterops lateralis 


  Photographer   Stephanie Humphries 
Date   2008  © Styx Living Laboratory Trust
© Styx Living Laboratory Trust

Photographer  Stephanie Humphries
Date  2008

26, June 2009
  Photographer  Tanya Cathel Black 
Date  unknown  © Christchurch City Council
Bird at Janet Stewart Reserve
© Christchurch City Council

Photographer Tanya Cathel Black
Date unknown

06, July 2009