Invertebrate Communities of the Styx River 2012

This report interprets and discusses the results of community monitoring of invertebrate communities and stream habitat between 2006 and 2011. The aims of the report were to:

  • analyse and comment on differences between invertebrate data collected from volunteers and quality assurance tests
  • analyse all invertebrate data to detect differences in community composition between sites and streams
  • examine relationships between invertebrate data and habitat data
  • make recommendations on field and laboratory protocols to help fulfil goals of the SLLT.

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Styx Water Quality Report 2005

Summary of data March 2004-October 2005

The observations made by the community monitoring group indicate that the water quality of the Styx River and its tributaries is in good condition and should support diverse and healthy plant and animal communities, provided other factors that impact on stream habitat, such as flow, are also adequate. Most of the things that are measured show consistency between sites and through the year. Kaputone Stream is the most variable, with seasonal fluctuations in clarity and conductivity associated with stormwater runoff.

Results for pH suggest some problems with the measurement method, and this requires more investigation during 2006. This will include assessment the suitability of other water quality tests.

Full report

Adobe Acrobat DocumentStyx Annual Report 2005
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