It is imperative that whenever information is recorded that the techniques used and the data collected are correct and appropriate otherwise results can become biased, which in turn, can lead to incorrect conclusions being reached.  This is especially important when the measurements are being made over a period of time, by different field workers each having a different level of expertise and point of view.

To ensure consistency and validity of data it is necessary to develop field and laboratory methodologies that are both rigorous and well documented.  Only by exactly following prescribed procedures for various techniques can it be assured that each time a measurement is made, it is directly comparable with those made previously. These procedures have been developed by experts in the particular fields and have been designed to be understood by those who gather the information, while still fulfilling the requirements of scientific objectivity and consistency.

The methodologies for a wide variety of different types of measurements have been designed to produce information that is meaningful and applicable within the Styx Catchment.