The Styx Living Laboratory Trust was set up primarily to realise the vision of a 'Living Laboratory"  in the Styx River catchment with a focus on both learning and research.

Representatives of local government bodies, educational, research, and community interests, are appointed to a Board of Management by the voluntary Trustees to administer the aims of the Trust.

The role of Board members (also voluntary), is to develop and implement research and learning programmes within the Styx catchment.

Partners in the Styx Living Laboratory Trust include:

  • Christchurch City Council
  • Environment Canterbury
  • Landcare Research
  • Lincoln University
  • NIWA
  • Aquatic Ecology Ltd
  • Optimax Research
  • Rob Greenaway & Associates
  • Royal & Associates
  • Stephanie K Consulting
  • Shirley Papanui Community Board
  • Willowbank Wildlife Trust

For both the Trustees and the Board of Management

Cynthia Cripps
Tel: (03) 321 9642