The Styx Living Laboratory Charitable Trust was set up in 2002 to develop a "Living Laboratory" that focuses on both learning and research in the Styx area of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Trust Deed outlines the objective of the Trust as being:"Achieving Vision 3 in the Christchurch City Council document called "Vision 2000-2040 - The Styx", that is the development of a Living Laboratory" by:

  1. Obtaining a holistic understanding of the dynamics of the Styx River including its ecology, drainage, landscape, culture, heritage and recreation;
  2. Raising awareness of the Styx River Catchment and its environs;Promoting the use of the Styx River Catchment as a collective resource for environmental and social research, and to co-ordinate that research;
  3. Using the knowledge and understanding acquired by the Trustees to assist the bodies who have legal responsibility in the future management of the Styx River Catchment;
  4. Maximising opportunities for community involvement in research and learning;
  5. Providing a learning medium for other similar ecosystems;
  6. Working with other organisations or people to achieve the above objectives and using memoranda of understanding where appropriate;
  7. Assisting other people and other organisations to achieve the remaining Visions in "Vision 2000-2040 The Styx", namely:
    i. Vision 1 "achieving a viable spring fed ecosystem,"
    ii. Vision 2 "creating a "Source to Sea" experience, (i.e. creating a continuous walkway along the length of the Styx River to enable people to experience and learn about the river system)
    iii. Vision 4 "establishing the Styx as "a place to be"(i.e. recognising, maintaining and enhancing the special character of the Styx River area)
    iv. Vision 5 "Fostering partnerships" with other organisations to achieve the above objectives;
  8. Recognising the view and expectations of Tangata Whenua, to respect and implement the dual heritage of the partners of Te Tiriti O Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) in attaining the above objectives."