Trustees have appointed a Board of Management made up of representatives of partner organisations and various sectors of the community. Board of Management members are appointed for a three-year term and give of their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. Their role is one of management implementing initiatives that aim to fulfill the Trust's purpose.

Meet the Board members...

John Glennie
Natural Resources Policy Manager, Environment Canterbury

25 years involvement in local government water management and planning, including the preparation of regional plans under the Resource Management Act. Has gained particular expertise and knowledge about the development of environmental flow and allocation regimes for rivers and groundwater, and a strong interest in integrated catchment management.
John states: “The Styx catchment, with its mix of land uses, land use change, and wide range of values, provides a great opportunity to take the vision of a Living Laboratory and extend this vision to the catchment scale. This involves many areas of the community in tracking and learning about the interactions that are occurring, and understanding the responses in the environment and management requirements, to help create something that will benefit future generations.”

Phil Novis
Phycologist, Allan Herbarium, Landcare Research
Phil has been working on the systematics, ecology, and physiology of algae for more than 10 years.  He is particularly interested in the evolution of green plants and the global and local distributions of algal species.
Phil notes: “I was pleased to join the Styx Living Laboratory Trust board of management, as it provides an opportunity to help understand and protect one of Christchurch’s least disturbed major waterways, at a time when it is coming under increasing pressure.  I hope to be able to make a scientific contribution towards benefiting the Styx environment and the local community.”

Dr Chris Phillips (Chair)
Portfolio Leader Landcare Research
A background in research spanning nearly 30 years in applied earth science and more recently in integrated catchment management.
Chris states: “I initially became involved with the Styx project because my institutional research interests were aligned to those that were needed in the early days of project. Since then, I have become personally committed to the wider vision of the Styx Project and what it is aiming to achieve.”

Perry Royal
Director, Architectural Practice
A Lecturer in Design Theory Architecture and Indigenous Vernacular Architecture.

Dr Antony Shadbolt
Landscape Architect with the Capital Investigations Unit of the Christchurch City Council and also a lecturer at Lincoln University
Has a particular Interest in landscape ecology, ecological restoration and wildlife management. PhD research investigates effects of habitat fragmentation and forest conversion on small forest mammals in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.
Antony explains: “I continue to be involved with The Trust as the Styx River offers the last opportunity to restore a viable spring-fed river ecosystem in the Christchurch area, and offers great opportunities to promote wildlife and conservation values within an urban environment.”

Helen Greenup

Biodiversity Officer for the Christchurch-West Melton Zone - Environment Canterbury

Dr Bruce Dudley

Hydrologist Niwa

Neil Challenger

Senior Lecturer, School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University New Zealand

Dr Hugh Thorpe

Research Fellow, Department of Civil and Natural Resource Engineering, University of Canterbury

Has special interest and expertise in ground water engineering and science, and environmental science.

Hugh says:
"I became involved via my previous role as CCC guide on the urban river trips.  I remain involved because I believe that the issue of retaining the natural character and ecosystems of the Styx is visionary and very important for future generations of citizens in this city."

Kelly Walker
Senior Tutor in Biology at Lincoln University
Particular focus on freshwater ecology and restoration ecology.
Kelly says, “I became involved in the Styx Project through supervising summer students receiving scholarships from the Styx Living Laboratory Trust. When the opportunity came up to join the Board I was keen to become even more involved.”

Mike Willis
Primary occupational role is as Managing Director of Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Ltd
Roles include handling breeding and management of wildlife and livestock, along with their conservation.
Design and building of facilities for wildlife, domestic stock and public usage.
Managing and linking various multifaceted operations that provide the requirements for conservation and cultural preservation, along with education, and servicing domestic and international tourism.
Mike says: “I have a long term interest in the area as a Conservation Park, and a belief that it could become a major community asset and attraction, servicing a wide range of needs.”

Margaret Yorke
Retired High School teacher
Has had a lifelong interest in rivers both in the south of England and Christchurch, NZ.
Interest stems from General Natural Sciences and Environmental activities, being involved in the Styx with the Zonta restoration project, a Royal Society of NZ Teacher Fellowship use to support learning experiences for students.
Margaret says:"I am fascinated by the biodiversity evident in the Styx catchment and have a strong desire to promote public awareness of the treasure we have before it may be lost to urban development."