Meet the Trustees:


Hon Clayton Cosgrove MP

Member of Parliament for Waimakariri.


John Knox

Director of Eco Tourism, Australasia


John says:
My involvement with the Styx river was as a response from returning to Christchurch after living for many years in national parks in Australia. Noticing how Christchurch was rapidly pushing out into the country with urban growth I thought it would be a good thing to be involved with conserving the Styx river in its natural state. It's not over yet, there is still plenty to do and to know that future generations, wildlife and the river will benefit from what is being accomplished."


Stephanie Humphries
Consultant Business Management and Organization
Public speaker and writer
Asked to assist in the planning of the public event ‘The Styx Happening’ in 1999. As a consequence became aware of the special features of the area and the need for long term planning in order to protect and maximize the special characteristics contained within the Styx catchment.
Stephanie says: “You never know the value of something until you are about to lose it.”

Long-serving Trust secretary, financial manager, newsletter writer, bus tour organiser, function organiser and anything that else that needed doing.

Ken Taylor
Director investigations and monitoring at Environment Canterbury

Special interest in state of environment monitoring and reporting, environmental indicators and guideline development.

Sally Thompson

Administration Co-ordinator for IDEA Services  (IHC)

Has a long history of community involvement especially in social services and as an elected member of the Shirley/Papanui Community Board.


Sally says,
I am a Trustee because I think the Styx is an amazing river that so many people are only recently becoming aware of. The opportunity exists to be part of something unique and very exciting."


Dr Hugh Thorpe

Research Fellow, Department of Civil and Natural Resource Engineering, University of Canterbury


Has special interest and expertise in ground water engineering and science, and environmental science.


Hugh says:
"I became involved via my previous role as CCC guide on the urban river trips.  I remain involved because I believe that the issue of retaining the natural character and ecosystems of the Styx is visionary and very important for future generations of citizens in this city."

Mark Taylor

Freshwater ecologist, Aquatic Ecology Ltd. Christchurch

Mark served in a voluntary capacity on the Styx River Living Laboratory Trust for five years, took a break and has returned as a Trustee as he still has a keen interest in this increasingly urbanised catchment.