To foster "Partnerships" through raising the quality of relationships as we move forward together.

Key Actions

  1. Locally
    • Work with private landowners in the development of the Vision while at the same time recognising:
      •  private property rights
      • the need to use a range of protection methods to accomplish desired outcomes
      • the need to achieve win-win situations
    • To work with a wide range of organisations and institutions in the development of the Living Laboratory
    • To work with private enterprise and community organisations in the development of the Styx as ‘a place to be'
    • To work with private enterprise, landowners and community organisations in the development of the source to sea experience
  2. Tangata Whenua
    • Develop policies for mahinga kai (food gathering) specific values including habitat and species management
    • Recognise and protect sites of significance and where appropriate, mark these by signs or events
  3. Nationally
    • To become involved in national research programmes using the Styx as a case study
    • To develop joint projects in order to compare and contrast the Styx with other ecosystems
    • To promote information sharing in order to learn from one another
  4. Internationally
    • To develop and strengthen the Sister River relationship ties with Alabama, USA
    • To plan and develop other international links for the benefit of both parties