To create a "Source to Sea Experience" through the development of an Urban National Reserve.

Key Actions

  1. Identify and protect:
    • Suitable routes along the Styx River, Kaputone Stream and other tributary waterways (to be done in the spirit of partnership through negotiation with current landowners)
    • Provide improved road crossing facilities so that roads do not become barriers to pedestrians
  2. Provide a range of experiences through the development of:
    •  Walkway routes, boating facilities, cycleways
    • A range of landscape experiences based on natural and cultural values
    • Innovative interpretative material
  3. Develop service nodes that will concentrate human activity and provide facilities for:
    • Parking for cars and bicycle
    • Relaxation
    • Eating facilities
    • Learning activities
    • Recreation facilities
    • Accommodation/camping grounds
  4. Monitor and remedy the impact of people and recreational activities on ecological values through:
    •  Preventing or limiting access to core habitat or sensitive areas
    • Use of design elements will lessen the impact on wildlife (that is screening, moats, fences)
  5. Promote the source to sea experience through:
    •  The development of promotional material
    • On site interpretation, facilities, and learning experience
  Photographer   John Knox 
Date   April 2003  © Christchurch City Council
Boating on the Styx River downstream from Marshlan
© Christchurch City Council

Photographer  John Knox
Date  April 2003

10, June 2009